Occasionally, clients ask us about RAW footage. When we sit down and explain what RAW footage really is, often times our clients realize that it may be more hassle to sift through.

One Story Wedding’s will capture your entire Wedding Day, from start to finish, from many unique perspectives. Each one of our cameras tells a different story. Editing takes all those different angles, points of view, and assembles them seamlessly together into One Story. Your Story!


The Master Camera records the entire Wedding Ceremony, from start to finish, from an angle that keeps everyone in view at all times. This includes the Bride, Groom and Officiant, but sometimes, in much wider angles, the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen as well. However, to achieve this angle, the Master Camera is often a longer and wider shot, usually placed at the end of the aisle in the back of the Wedding Venue.

Although the Master Camera is the foundation of Wedding Videography and Editing, it is the other Cameras that reveal different aspects of the Ceremony, groupings of two or three at crucial moments (Bride AND Groom exchanging Wedding Rings), close-ups of individuals (Bride OR Groom during Vows), insert shots of various props (Flowers, Rings, Candles), and so on.

Stand alone, the Master Camera is only one point of view. Even though it might show the whole story, it does not tell the whole story. Edited means to take those videos consisting of different shots and assembling them together to provide meaning and context. You wouldn’t sit in the back of the Church, would you? Editing gives you not only front row tickets to the Wedding, but the best seats in the house!


One Story Wedding Videographers are constantly capturing your next move. Even though these shots look best when highlighted in the Wedding Films, they are the worst as stand alone raw footage. The Creative Camera captures mere moments that highlight the entirety of the Ceremony and Reception. In between these moments that make the final cut, are many more moments that only ever make the cutting room floor.

We call this “Trimming the Fat.” On the tail ends of this clip from Brittney and Brad’s Casa Romantica Wedding Ceremony Documentary, there are shaky adjustments of framing and focusing until our Wedding Videographer holds his breath and captures the moments that take your breath away. When raw footage is edited together, we like telling your story using only the best of the best. After all, your Wedding Day is one of the best days of your life.


Perhaps the two most important cameras, during the Wedding Ceremony, are the close-ups on the two most important individuals. Although details add depth to the story, they are such a precise point of view that they are unable to tell the whole story. Literally and figuratively, details deny us of seeing the bigger picture. Tighter shots also leave lesser room for error. Although they do a great job at cropping out any extra movement in the background, at the same time they also limit the amount of room for the subject to move around. Objects in the foreground also appear bigger.