Kelly and Matt’s Zion National Park Wedding Video is a special one to us. Not just because of the majestic location, but because of who Kelly and Matt are to us. Matt has been friends with Jonah, an original member of One Story, for nearly 10 years. Growing up a child of missionary parents, Matt’s formative years were spent abroad, experiencing rich and diverse cultures and learning to serve others before himself. Upon entering college he chose to pursue the medical field as a way to help others and during his time in Virginia met Jonah his second semester on the dorm, connecting over their mutual love for all things sound and music and becoming life long friends ever since. However, while he was gifted in the sciences, his heart ultimately called him to pursue his passion of music. He chose to leave behind a comfortable path forward to enter the often crazy world of music where only the most dedicated and talented can succeed. He was accepted to and attended the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston and kicked off his music career first in NYC before Jonah finally got him to relocate to Los Angeles to become roommates.

Fast forward several years and Matt with a successful career working with top level musicians and producers was doing what he loved. Then, one day, Kelly walks into his life. Another extremely talented artist who was born and raised surrounded by the majestic Zion National Park. After touring the world as Kelly Sweet in the world of Jazz, she too had moved to Los Angeles and soon decided to move in a new direction by entering the world of EDM. She soon caught the ear of Matt with her incredible voice and as we all know now, undoubtedly caught his eye too.

While the list of their musical collaborations continued to grow, so too did their love for each other. When it came time to change Kelly’s life forever with Matt’s one simple question… “Will you marry me?”, the next logical conclusion was to start their journey together as husband and wife in the very place Kelly grew to love and appreciate… Zion. Her love for nature and the arts was instilled in her from a young age through her mother and father. And though her parents are no longer with her in this physical world, she knew her mother would be smiling down from above knowing she would return to be wed with her best friend in the very place on this earth Kelly and her mother knew and loved best.

On Kelly and Matt’s special day, music was of course an integral part of the wedding. Matt wrote, produced and performed the song that Kelly walked down the aisle to and later reshaped it for their final wedding film as well! The emotion of this song had everyone in tears not only on their wedding day but when family and friends viewed their wedding film for the very first time.

Their wedding was intimate with a magnificent backdrop of light, sand and stone. The serenity of their Zion National Park Wedding made for an inspiring experience for them and for their guests. Their vows were deep and rich and their love for each other was truly evident. Much like their love for music and for each other, the grandeur of the park was too great to capture in one day. We documented more of their wedding weekend by joining them as they explored the park the following day and shared stories with us and with each other about their journey together. This was truly an experience we will never forget and hope to enjoy with more of our couples.

Kelly and Matt, thank you inviting us to be a part of your wedding.


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